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    For water companies

    Smartvatten as a water company partner

    Balancing bills for water consumption becomes a thing of the past. The data we gather about the water consumption of a property is sent via our API interface into the billing system of the water company, thereby facilitating billing based on true consumption figures.

    The remote reading films the property’s main water meter in real time, with up-to-the minute and decilitre precision. We process the data using a cloud solution that also sends leak alerts to customers.

    No more ambiguous water meter readings, meaning the consumption data delivered by Smartvatten is clear, precise and specific.

    We visualise and report water consumption data to water companies in easy-to-understand and easily-utilised formats.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How does Smartvatten remote monitoring work?

    The Smartvatten remote monitoring reading films the property’s main water meter in real time and delivers the real-time water meter readings to the cloud service. Once remote monitoring has been installed, on-site manual readings are no longer necessary to be conducted.

    In what formats do you send water meter readings?

    You will receive data from us in understandable formats that can be sent via our automatic API interface, and as an Excel file or an easy-to-read report sent via email. Feel free to contact us as there are many possibilities.

    How much does a water company pay for your service?

    We are water company partners. Working in this way allows us to effectively generate extra value for the monitoring of water consumption and digitalise the water sector in cooperation. This is why the delivery of customers’ consumption data is totally cost-free for water companies.

    How widely is Smartvatten remote monitoring already in use?

    The the Smartvatten currently monitors 7,000 properties from different parts of Finland and Europe. We are a financially stable, expert Finnish enterprise that specialises in water efficiency.

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    Do you represent a water company and want to receive accurate data about consumption for your billing system or are considering remote monitoring? Contact us and together we will create a solution that provides a better service for your customers.

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