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    Water savings for properties based on measured data – Smartvatten services for the public sector

    Monitoring of consumption is the cornerstone for smart water use. Without measurement, the true water cost and emissions will not be revealed. Smartvatten's digital monitoring of water consumption tells precisely how much a property uses water, showing you what water-saving measures should be conducted.

    Our water leak service immediately reveals hidden water leaks and the commencement of water damages – to within a decilitre and seconds of precision. Did you know that a single leaking toilet can incur a €1,000 cost added to joint costs?

    Water-saving measures ensure continuous cost savings. For example, having the correct water pressure and water-saving fittings saves an average of 20% off property water bills. Enjoy pure water in the future without wasting.

    Water consumption data serves the energy monitoring for your entire property. Consumption data and reports are sent to property and energy monitoring systems. This enables easy and systematic monitoring of true water consumption figures.

    Smartvatten has extensive partnership networks in the public sector. We promote water efficiency in cooperation with the state-owned sustainable development company Motiva, water companies and other property sector actors.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are Smartvatten services affiliated with water company activities?

    Water companies are important partners for Smartvatten. We supplement the services of water companies by providing extremely precise consumption monitoring.

    We deliver monthly water consumption meter readings to water companies, which enables water companies to charge for water use that is based on actual consumption. This means that end users are not sent any balancing bills and water companies can provide better service, thanks to more accurate water data.

    How does Smartvatten affect property maintenance tasks?

    Quite simply, Smartvatten eases property maintenance tasks. With the remote water meter reading service, there is no longer reason to take on-site meter readings, as consumption data is easier to monitor using a system that is updated in real time. Should any leak damage occur, the property maintenance staff will be alerted immediately.

    Can the Smartvatten service be used in competitive bidding?

    Many of our partners have joined us through competitive bidding. Contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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