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How much does a water leak cost?


40 m3/year


300 m3/year


3,000 m3/year


31,000 m3/year

Leak damage

Around €500,000 is paid in insurance claims in Finland every single day

Costs only €2 per day: even a single leak detected in time will reimburse the costs.

It only takes a single faulty toilet to mean you are flushing €1,000 straight down the drain.

Automatic monitoring immediately sends alerts of leaks, before it’s too late.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who decides about commissioning Smartvatten services in your housing company?

The commissioning of Smartvatten services can be decided in housing company board meetings. It is the board’s authority to decide on the selection of service providers, such as Smartvatten and housing company managers. Read more about this topic in our blogs.

Is this a costly system?

The Smartvatten remote monitoring service works for less than three euros a day and pays for itself as soon as it identifies a single leak.

Then again, our water-saving measures help your housing company constantly save on water use, without having to compromise water convenience. The average water bill saving per property is 20%.

Can the water-saving service be paid for using the savings achieved?

Yes, it can! The Smartvatten water-saving service can be commissioned using the savings model, whereby the housing company does not have to invest its own money in investment costs, rather costs are covered by the savings achieved.

Book a water saving survey

Book a water saving survey

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