Measure, analyze & save

Over 10.000 properties are already measuring their water consumption with Smartvatten.

We offer the best user experience for property owners and sustainability managers to measure and analyze their data in the most effective way.

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Why choose our service?

  • It’s user-friendly;
  • Collects real-time data;
  • Works on every water meter worldwide;
  • Accommodates many API integrations;
  • Scores points for BREEAM and GRESB certifications.

How does our
hardware work?

Our device comes equipped with a camera, is installed on your property’s water meter, and then tracks and records your water consumption in real-time. The device is directly linked to our cloud-based software.

How does our
software work?

Our software will automatically configure based on the photos it receives, translating them into data points, and immediately start analyzing the information it collects. It provides you with regular reports and automatic leak alerts.

How does our
service work?

Our device and software measure and analyze your water consumption to minimize the risk of leaks and gain insight into your water use and systems. Our Customer Success Team is there to help every step of the way and ready to assist in coming up with the best water efficiency strategy for your organization.

Did you know that we start a new partnership with a pilot? Read more about our approach here.

Our API integrations

We can share your water consumption data with a number of
different systems using the API interface.

Test our API interface here

Frequently Asked Questions

Who has the authority to decide to sign up for Smartvatten services in housing corporations?

Signing up for Smartvatten services can be decided in housing corporation board meetings. The board has the authority to decide on the selection of service providers, like choosing Smartvatten or hiring housing corporation managers.

Is the Smartvatten service a costly system?

The Smartvatten remote monitoring service works for a maximum of €2 per day and has already paid for itself after just a single leak has been identified.

Our water-saving measures help your housing corporation continuously save on water use, without having to compromise on water convenience. On average, properties see savings of 20% on their water bill.

Can the water-saving service be paid for using the savings achieved?

Yes, it can! The Smartvatten water-saving service can be commissioned using the savings model, whereby the housing company does not have to invest its own money in investment costs. Instead, costs are covered by the savings achieved.

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