With Smartvatten, you earn points for certifications

GRESB is connecting companies and funds at the beginning of their sustainability journey with a community of leaders, helping them to close the performance gap.”

BREEAM In-Use is an environmental assessment method that enables property investors, owners, managers and occupiers to determine and drive sustainable improvements in the operational performance of their buildings. It provides sustainability benchmarking and assurance for all building types.”


BREEAM Points for Water Performance when using Smartvatten


WAT 01 - Water monitoring

When our device is installed on the main meter of your property, you’ll receive 4 points. When every installation or floor that’s responsible for more than 10% of the water use is equipped with a submeter and another device, and multi-tenant buildings are metered per tenanted area, another 2 points are added.

WAT 04 - Water efficient equipment: hand washing basin taps

If your building is equipped with automated handwashing taps, Smartvatten can provide you with water efficient aerators. This earns you an additional 3 points.

WAT 05 - Water efficient equipment: showers

If you order and install water-saving showerheads from Smartvatten, you’ll earn 4 points.

WAT 07 - Leak detection system

Because of Smartvatten’s leak detection system, you’ll be awarded the full 4 points after a complete calendar year.


WAT 13 - Water consumption reporting

When you use the Smartvatten Water Efficiency Index as a benchmark, you automatically earn 2 points. Earn 1 extra point when you report on it internally, and another 1 point if you publish this information in an annual report.

WAT 14 - Water strategy

Creating a data-driven water efficiency strategy with Smartvatten, based on leak detection data and a water savings assessment, can earn you 4 points.

GRESB Points for Water Performance when using Smartvatten

WT1 - Water Usage

Water Data Coverage – 4 points. Applicable if 100% of the portfolio has 12 months of water consumption data for the full floor area. If its less than 100% of the floor area, the data coverage of the portfolio is benchmarked and scored dynamically (i.e., 70% data coverage for office assets in Europe will score differently than having 70% data coverage for industrial assets in Europe) with the scores ranging from 0-4 points.

MR3 - External Review of Water Data

Smartvatten provides annual review statements to clients, confirming their annual water usage. This results in 0.4166 points.

RA4 - Water Efficiency Measures

It can be assumed that some assets in the portfolio have had automatic (smart) meters installed within the last 3 years. This is automatically 0.25 points.